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The Fitzgerald Family of Montgomery Co, Pennsylvania
I. Descendents of Thomas and Susanna Fitzgerald | II. Decendents of William and Elizabeth Fitzgerald | III. Descendents of John and Sarah Fitzgerald | IV. Descendents of William and Rebecca Fitzgerald | V. Descendents of James Wendell and Maggie May Fitzgerald | Links for Montgomery Co, PA and Fitzgerald Genealogy | Contact Me

My ancestor, Thomas Fitzgerald was a baker in Skippack, Montgomery County, PA. His wife's name was Susanna. Thomas was born 18 November 1754 and died 19 February 1815. His wife was born 13 January 1762 and died 5 May 1842. Unfortunately, there is nothing further known about her. Thomas, according to the diary of Henry Melchoir Muhlenberg, was born in Pennsylvania but of Irish Extraction. At this time it is not definite as to who his father was. It is very likely that his father was Patrick, an immigrant from Cork, Ireland who worked on Nicholas Oblinger's farm to pay for his passage.

This website is devoted to the descendents of Thomas & Susanna Fitzgerald. I am very interested in information regarding all Montgomery County Fitzgeralds, particularly from the eastern area ~ Norristown and upwards. Please contact me if you have any info to share. I will reciprocate with the information that I have gathered.

Some research resources I have used have been The Historical Society of Montgomery County in Norristown and The Mennonite Historians of Eastern Pennsylvania in Harleysville. Many thanks to all who have contributed information for their files.

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