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The Fitzgerald Family of Montgomery Co, Pennsylvania


I. Descendents of Thomas and Susanna Fitzgerald | II. Decendents of William and Elizabeth Fitzgerald | III. Descendents of John and Sarah Fitzgerald | IV. Descendents of William and Rebecca Fitzgerald | V. Descendents of James Wendell and Maggie May Fitzgerald | Links for Montgomery Co, PA and Fitzgerald Genealogy | Contact Me
III. Descendents of John and Sarah Fitzgerald

John Fitzgerald

John and Sarah were married 11 April 1852 at Indianfield Lutheran Church in Telford, PA. There is a stained glass window in the church that is dedicated to them. John was a civil war veteran, Regiment 179, Co. A. Sarah was the daughter of Jacob Larkin of Marlborough Twp, Montgomery Co, PA.

The children of John and Sarah Fitzgerald were Andrew, Lousia born 16 July 1852 and married James L.Bradley, James Llewellyn born 16 August 1854 and died 20 May 1873, Clara born 16 April 1858 and died 26 May 1943 and married Adolf Stockel, William L. born 12 September 1860 and died 8 April 1939 and married Rebecca S. Groff born 21 August 1864 and died 8 April 1928, Sarah born 12 May 1863 and died 15 September 1925 and married Charles Musselman, John born 1 April 1865 and died 14 March 1949 and married Katie S. Groman born 1872 and died 1964, Charles born 10 September 1867 and died 2 August 1938 and married Mary Heffeltrager Hunsberger born 29 March 1870 and died 27 December 1932, Mary Ellen born 7 May 1869 and died 1935 and married Frank Groman, Catharina born 27 February 1873 and died 1969, Henry Milton born 7 January 1875 and died 1945 and married Mamie H. Nase born 1878 and died 1941