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The Fitzgerald Family of Montgomery Co, Pennsylvania


I. Descendents of Thomas and Susanna Fitzgerald | II. Decendents of William and Elizabeth Fitzgerald | III. Descendents of John and Sarah Fitzgerald | IV. Descendents of William and Rebecca Fitzgerald | V. Descendents of James Wendell and Maggie May Fitzgerald | Links for Montgomery Co, PA and Fitzgerald Genealogy | Contact Me
II. Decendents of William and Elizabeth Fitzgerald

William Fitzgerald who married Elizabeth Kustart was my ancestor. Their children were Andrew, Susanna who married Elias Leaver, William who married Susanna Detweiler born 2 February 1818, Margaret born 1822, James born 1826 and married Elisabeth, John born 12 October 1828 and died 16 March 1917 and married Sarah Larkin born 20 March 1832 and died 18 May 1922.